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Indian forging companies are renowned globally for their technical might. The forging industry in India deals with raw materials like carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, copper, titanium and brass to make quality flanges and other forged materials. What the Indian forging industry means to the global market is apparent in its performance over the last decade, especially the last couple of years, the most testing years of this century. 

Not just the best Forging Manufacturer Companies in Thane, the industry as a whole did show remarkable resilience despite facing one of the worst medical calamities humanity ever met.

The production capacity of forging companies in India was around 4.7 metric tonnes, which was the highest in the last decade. The following best was 4.5, that was in 2019 when the crucial industries for forging like mining and automobile were under the garb of sinking market sentiment due to the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic.

So, this was about the potential the industry showed over the years. But what Forging Manufacturer Companies in Thane have to offer for the domestic and international market.

Let’s introduce you to CD industries, a company with experience of more than 50 years of quality flange manufacturing – supplying Steel Forgings In Thane.

Best Forging Company in Thane – Spurring High Growth in the Country 

The CD industry is in the List of Top Forging Companies in Thane, supplying quality flanges to the region for more than five decades now. The company takes pride in its offerings and its contribution to core industries, including automobile, gas and petroleum, mining, chemicals, fertilisers, and construction. Find out more here about the industries we serve. 

Now, moving on to the matter of substance, what makes CD industries stand apart from the competition and makes it the Best Forging Company in Thane. First, let’s glace over the three-tier structure, which made CD one of the most credible forging companies in the country. 

#1 Quality of Products

CDI keeps stringent control over the entire manufacturing process to keep the quality standard of the products high and consistent. The company has a system that ensures complete material traceability in the manufacturing process. CD’s quality management system complies with the highest compliance norms, and the company possesses ISO 9001 certification offered by universally accepted body TUV.

#2 Testing Ecosystem 

CD built an in-house testing laboratory, fully equipped to perform destructive and non-destructive testing to keep the highest check on products’ quality. 

The primary testing techniques CDI uses in its destructive and non-destructive testings are as follows: 

  • Ultrasonic Testing
  • Magnetic Testing
  • Impact Testing
  • Mechanical testing
  • Metallurgy testing 

The company does not limit itself to only the aforementioned testings; if required, the CDI laboratory also performs PMI, IGC and hardness testing.

#3 Regulatory Framework 

CDI has a robust regulatory framework with the likes of Engineers India Limited (EIL), Lloyd’s Register Marine, Indian Boiler Regulation (IBR), and Toyo Engineering India Limited inspecting our processes.

To know more about our products and process, check our website. Also, you can contact us at [email protected]; we will get back to you shortly!

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